eccentric training anywhere

As a rule of thumb, classical muscle training uses concentric movements: contractions of the muscles, like pushing a barbell up. In contrast, flywheel training with the aerobic kinetic trainer relies primarily on eccentric muscle work: when you lower a barbell, you are working against resistance.

During the concentric part of the exercise, a rotating flywheel should be set in motion, and then slowed down again during the eccentric part with maximum effort. It is ideal that the resistance decelerates faster during this maximum effort than it builds up during the concentric phase. Through this method, an enormous training stimulus is generated, which is not possible through other methods.

Using the flywheel for training

Aerobic Kinetic Trainers are compact devices that can be attached to walls, rigs, or pillars. There are two phases to the movement sequence.

First phase – Concentric movement: Pulling the strap accelerates the flywheel inside the trainer. Kinetic energy is built up. In the same way as a yo-yo, the flywheel automatically pulls the strap back after it has been completely unrolled.

As the flywheel rotates, the strap is pulled back by the eccentric movement. In this challenge, the rotating plate must be quickly brought to a standstill by overcoming high resistance. After that, the concentric movement resumes.

After you get used to the movement with the aerobic Kinetic Trainer, you can vary the difficulty level depending on the amount of force in the concentric phase!

Set your own training goals

Aerobic Kinetic Trainer lets you choose the intensity of your training – whether it’s warm-up or maximum muscle growth. Whenever the band is pulled back, the resistance is greater the more force is required to unroll it. Your muscles are constantly under tension, unlike when you train with weights. Your workout will be more efficient and intense as a result!

Flywheel training can be used for a wide range of tasks: from top-class sport and sport-specific training, general fitness, personal training, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy.

It’s all in one! Train anywhere, anytime!

Kinetic Trainers from aerobics are lightweight and highly portable. Designed well to be portable and usable anywhere, it is easy to transport. In contrast to other products in this segment, this product does not require a stand-on platform and does not restrict exercises to vertical positions. Having the option to do horizontal exercises as well expands your options tremendously. Due to the construction of the Kinetic Trainer, the fast-rotating swing plates are safely installed in the housing.

The standard set already includes a combo-suspension that can be used on walls, rigs, pillars, or trees. Flywheel trainers can be mounted anywhere: at home, in the gym, or outdoors in the garden or park.

Aerobic Kinetics: your advantages

As part of the standard package of the aerobic Kinetic Trainer, there is a durable pull strap as well as the versatile combo suspension. Furthermore, it ensures safe wall mounting (including dowels and screws) as well as attachment to posts.

Using the aerobic flywheel trainer, you can train your upper body as well as your legs: It comes with a double grip for arm exercises and sturdy ankle loops for leg exercises.

It is possible to adjust the resistance separately with the two interchangeable 4 mm plates. A comprehensive brochure is included with the set to explain how it works.

Is your workout lacking variety?

Two optional sets have been prepared for you to add to your workout fun. Combining them with the aerobic Kinetic Trainer is easy and safe.

  • Aerobic Fitness Harness: The upper body harness allows you to perform squats and similar exercises on the flywheel trainer. Individually adjustable with the included buckle, it is fastened with a buckle.


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