Care Procedures

In the era of striving for eternal youth and ideal standards of beauty, facial skin care has long been an integral part of every woman’s life. But modern men also want to look equally fresh and well-groomed. And PRX-T33 chemical peel helps with this. High-quality and systematic care is the key to young, radiant, clean, smooth, and healthy skin!

What are Care Procedures?

Facial skin care is necessary to keep it looking attractive and glowing with health. We believe that flaws should be treated and not masked with makeup.

It is certainly possible to take care of the skin of the face at home, however, no home care will have the same profound effect as procedures in a clinic.

Types of Care Procedures

Here are some main types you need to know about.


Peeling is an in-depth professional skin care procedure. Peelings are designed to remove the first wrinkles, clean the dermis, and treat inflammatory processes on the skin.

There are several types of peelings:

  • Mechanical – the skin is cleaned with brushes and sponges impregnated with special agents.
  • Physical – a laser or ultrasound is used to remove particles of the epidermis.
  • Chemical – the upper layers of the skin are removed with a weak solution of organic acids (lactic, fruit, etc.).

The effect after the procedure is noticeable almost immediately. The skin looks healthy, shines, and becomes velvety.


As a result of skin contamination, black dots, acne, rashes, and redness appear on the face. These formations not only look unattractive but also prevent the skin from functioning properly.

Cleaning solves many cosmetic problems, and removes several types of pollution at the same time. Professional cosmetologists are ready to prove that cleaning is an effective and safe procedure without risks to your health.

The effect after cleaning:

  • increased sebum production decreases;
  • exchange mechanisms are normalized;
  • blackheads and redness disappear;
  • the pores are narrowed;
  • complexion improves;
  • the skin better absorbs moisturizing and nourishing components.

There are mechanical, ultrasonic, and laser cleaning, and the doctor can use complex cleaning to achieve the desired effect.


This is one of the most necessary care procedures. Professional care cannot be imagined without massage.

How massage affects the face:

  • forms the correct and smooth geometry of the face;
  • removes the second chin;
  • gives the skin a healthy and radiant appearance.

This procedure not only has an effective visual effect but also helps to relax.


Masks should be used to enrich the facial skin with nutrients. Cosmetologists have an individual approach to each client and select masks exclusively according to skin type and according to the effect the patient wants to get.

Thanks to this procedure, the skin of the face acquires a healthy color and looks renewed.

The essence of care procedures

Such procedures are necessary to restore and improve the condition of the skin of the face:

  • Hydration;
  • Anti-aging therapy (prevention, correction, and smoothing of wrinkles, skin rejuvenation);
  • Professional care for dry and dehydrated skin (additional protection and saturation with hyaluronic acid);
  • A special series of manipulations for sensitive skin (treatment of couperosis, acne, post-acne, removal of scars and scars);
  • Care procedures for oily skin;
  • Express procedures (instant effect);
  • Procedures for combination skin type;
  • Lightening of pigment spots.

It should be noted that each of the care procedures goes through several mandatory stages: surface and deep cleansing, toning and moisturizing, care manipulations that are selected according to the skin type and the problem, and final (protective) effects.


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