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An engagement ring symbolizes a marriage proposal, making the relationship official. Although there are many kinds of engagement rings, the diamond one remains the most popular option. But with so many diamond engagement rings in the market, how can a person find the one that suits their taste? That’s exactly where Rare Carat comes into play. Every diamond shopper can rely on Rare Carat to get their fair share of unbiased advice. It is a leading and trustworthy marketplace for engagement rings and diamonds where one can certainly find the kind of ring they are looking for.

The company organization structure is also unique and impressive; it has partnered with major retailers and grown to nearly fifty employees. It has also powered more than a million diamond searches and even made it into IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program’s top 50 of 10,000 startups. Additionally, Rare Carat’s work with IBM got featured in NPR as well as Techcrunch.

Another great thing about Rare Carat is its focus on boosting the quality of customer service and helping people find the most suitable and affordable diamond for them. Some of the tools and help available at Rare Carat include:

  1. Unbiased GIA-trained gemologists who have human conversations about the diamonds from any retailer that a person is considering purchasing.
  2. Free quality and price check on any diamond.
  3. Deal alerts so the person can be notified every time there’s an interesting and attractive deal in their search. For additional information, it’s better to check out Rare Carat’s mission page or follow the company at Twitter.

In order to choose the perfect diamond engagement ring from Rare Carat, one needs to know all the diamond shapes and their characteristics. The following engagement ring buying guide can help anyone who is planning on purchasing the ring of their dreams. There are 11 diamond shapes a person can choose from, including:

1. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

This is the right choice for those who are afraid of going wrong. Round brilliant cut diamond is traditional, classic, as well as the most popular one among all shapes.

2. Cushion Cut Diamonds

The cushion-cut diamond is one of the most popular shapes adorned by many people, including celebrities. For example, both Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle got this diamond as their engagement ring. The cushion-cut diamond looks round from afar but still has a classic shape. It’s also much cheaper than a round one of the same size.

3. Princess Cut Diamonds

This is for those who prefer more angular and square shapes with pointed corners. Princess cut diamond also comes with its unique set of things worth paying attention to, such as chevrons and symmetry.

4. Oval Cut Diamonds

This shape resembles a round one but it’s a bit stretched which can make one’s fingers look more elegant and longer.

5. Radiant Cut Diamonds

The radiant cut diamond is like a combination of emerald cut and princess cut, or like their love child.

6. Pear Cut Diamonds

There are thin ones and wide ones both available. All a person needs to do is find the right one in terms of width/length ratio.

8. Asscher Cut Diamonds

This diamond shape resembles an emerald cut, except it has cut corners, making it more like an octagon instead of a rectangle.

9. Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald-cut diamond has chiseled step cuts, and a rectangular, elongated shape. It also includes straight linear facets that are typically arranged parallelly down a stone. To prevent fractures and add stability, the corners of the emerald-cut diamond are typically cropped.

10. Marquise Cut Diamonds

A marquise-cut diamond has a longer shape, ending with a point on every side. It has a distinct and impressive appearance that makes it a unique choice for a person who wants something different. Because of its elongated shape, this diamond seems larger in comparison to other diamonds that have the same carat weight. Just make sure to pay attention to the length/width ratio as well as the bowties’.

11. Heart Cut Diamonds

The heart-shaped diamond can be a great choice for those who love the symbolism of romantic love. It is also more affordable than a round diamond of a similar size so it is also a good option for those on a budget. 


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