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Slots are the most popular games at ThorSlots casino. People relish trying their luck at hitting jackpots and winning combinations. The movement away from brick-and-mortar casinos has created several online casinos. Players can play their favourite games on smartphones, desktops, and other devices connected to the internet.

What are Bonus Games?

Most slots have one or more bonus round features. These features come in different formats, but the free spin is the most prominent. As the name sounds, free spins allow you to spin the reel for free.

Slot bonuses help extend your game time and add more excitement to it. You can trigger bonus rounds from the base game. You might trigger prizes and other rewards if you are lucky enough to be in the right machine. 

How does Bonus Round in Slot work?

Bonus rounds are relative and dependent on the slot game. Players will need to land special symbols on paylines to trigger the bonus. Players should consult the game’s paytable before spinning the reel to understand the bonus feature. 

In most cases, bonus features like free spins take you out of your base game and start immediately after they are triggered. Bonuses like free spins or respins will pause the base game and start immediately after being activated on the same or a new set of reels. For example, triggering a bonus of 10 free spins will allow you to spin the reel 10 times without costing a dime. 

Once the bonus rounds end, the machine will calculate your winnings, add them to your real money balance and take you back to the base game.

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How To Trigger a Bonus Round

The activation of the bonus round differs from game to game. For most online slots, the scatter symbol triggers the bonus round. However, unlike other regular symbols, you don’t have to land the scatter symbol on consecutive reels to trigger a bonus round. Instead, some machines allow you to land them on any payline, while others compel you to hit them in specific reels to activate the bonus round.

The scatter symbol is not fixed; it depends on the game’s theme. The easiest way to recognize the scatter symbol is by looking it up on the paytable. Some slots offer huge payouts when players land this special symbol on specific reels.

The key to triggering a bonus round in a slot game is landing a set of activation symbols. The number of identical symbols depends on the machine, but you often need three or more on a spin.

The number of triggering symbols you land on specific reels can decide the size of your bonus. Also, the number of free spin bonuses can depend on the number of triggering symbols you land.

Types of Bonus Round

Free Spins  

As we said earlier, Free spins are the most popular type of bonus round. They offer the chance to play new and exciting games several times without risking real cash.

Jackpot Bonus

A jackpot bonus is a bonus feature where players have a shot at aiming at the game’s top prize. Slots can have single or multiple jackpots, and they can also be either fixed or progressive.

Bonus Wheel

Triggering the bonus wheel moves you to a spinning wheel where you determine your reward on games like osrs rune dragon. Rewards range from cash prizes, free spins and bonus rounds.


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