Dubai is a perfect destination for tourists, entrepreneurs, and researchers because it holds the largest trading centers, educational institutions, and culturally rich history with advanced infrastructure. However, millions of people visit this earthly heaven just to satisfy their tourist nature and thrill-seeking soul. Therefore, it holds the top rank in the list of the world’s famous tourist destinations.

Whether you are visiting the city of gold for business purposes or to explore its immense natural beauty, iconic buildings, and luxurious shopping malls, it always facilitates you with the best traveling services like public buses, metro trains, taxis, or cabs. Moreover, car rental monthly and annual services are also available that provide you with all types of cars at cheap rents.

Renting care services is a rapidly growing business in the city of wonders and iconic buildings because of the massive popularity or demands of renting cars for different purposes. From casual use to attending business meetings and exploring famous tourist destinations to long-distance traveling, people always prefer to use renting car services instead of public transport, taxis or cabs.

The Most Economic Means of Traveling in Dubai 

As we mentioned earlier the most luxurious state of the UAE,  Dubai offers different kinds of traveling means including public buses, abra, metro train, tram, marine cruise or boats, taxis or cabs, and renting cars to roam freely in and around the state. Though all types of transport provide excellent and economic traveling services, people are often confused to choose the best one.

To know which transport system or service is more economical and comfortable to travel in and around the city, we first need to look deep into all of these systems individually and consider their pros and cons.

Public Buses

One of the cheapest transport services to travel in Dubai is the public buses. It provides access to almost all famous tourist destinations, educational institutes, and business markets or shopping malls. However, it has a specific time frame and exact locations or stops to pick up and drop off passengers. Some important pros and cons of public shuttle service in Dubai are listed here


  • Bus stops are present in almost all famous areas
  • Ticket is quite cheap and affordable for everyone
  • Comfortable traveling
  • Provide easy and cheap access to all famous tourist destinations


  • Time-consuming
  • Not provide access to the exact location
  • Only available for a specific time frame

Metro Train

One of the most common, largest and economic transport systems in Dubai is the metro train. It is classified into different categories like red and green lines according to their routes. It’s quite comfortable for long-distance traveling in the city. The best thing is that metro train stations are also present within walking distance from Dubai airports. Therefore, visitors can easily avail of this service after landing at Dubai airport.


  • Cost and time effective
  • Easy access to all famous tourist locations
  • Multiple routes enable it to provide services all around the state
  • Comfortable environment


  • No privacy
  • Only available in the city
  • No access to the exact location


It’s relatively smaller than a train or bus and is used to travel short distances in the city. It’s the second cheapest transport service to access famous tourist locations and for casual traveling needs.


  • Anyone can afford to travel by tram
  • Adventurous experience 
  •  Best for casual use


  • Not suitable  for long-distance traveling
  • Uncomfortable
  • No privacy

Taxis or Cabs

Taxis or cabs are the fastest sources to travel in and around the city of gold. Though it’s a bit more expensive than public transport, it provides an excellent traveling experience and exact access to any location at any time.


  • Comfortable traveling with privacy
  • Fast and convenient
  • Access to any location


  • Expensive than public transport 
  • Busy traffic results in massive time consumption.

Renting Cars

Renting car services is the most reliable and economic choice to travel with comfort and ease in and around Dubai. They allow you to rent a car Al Satwa Dubai, Dubai Marina, Silicon Oasis, and any other location easily.


  • Time and cost-effective
  • Access to the exact location
  • Comfortable traveling without full privacy
  • Huge collection of cars to choose
  • Opportunity to ride luxurious car


  • Expensive
  • Rusk of frauds or scams

Final Verdict 

Though all the above-mentioned means of traveling are providing excellent services at cheap rates, they are not suitable for long-distance traveling. Moreover, they also lack privacy which makes them uncomfortable traveling with family. While renting cars provide comfort and privacy together without making a hole in your pocket. Therefore, renting a car is the most reliable and economic choice to get around Dubai with your friends or family.


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