How to improve home

Storage in the kitchen can be made more accessible

Storage is always a selling point in a kitchen, no matter how big or small it is. Organise dishes, spices, and frequently used cookware with open shelves on an unused wall or corner. Wine racks can be mounted under upper cabinets or next to them if you’re an entertainer.

The entrance should be embellished

Why not use your millwork to enhance the curb appeal of your home as well? Your exterior will look sophisticated if you pull elements of indoor style outside. Make your front door look aesthetically appealing by framing it with millwork and painting it the same colour as your house.

Bringing a floor’s shine back

Despite its versatility and warmth, wood flooring can become dull and distressed when regularly exposed to dirt, dust, and high foot traffic. Polish your hardwood floors with a product designed specifically for hardwood floors to restore their shine. In high-traffic areas of the house, a wooden floor should be polished once a year.

Invest in a new fireplace

A fresh coat of paint can transform a boring brick fireplace into something modern. Ensure that the fireplace is thoroughly cleaned before you begin this home improvement project. Make sure the fireplace is clean before you paint it with a stain-blocking primer. For a contemporary look, use a high-gloss paint.

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Change your colour scheme

By adding colour to your bathroom cabinets, you can give them a whole new look. A bit of time, the right tools, and a paint colour that inspires you are all you need. Here are some tips for painting cabinets like a pro.

Don’t let your door become cluttered

In addition to making a good first impression, the entryway must keep drop zone items neat and tidy. Adding a storage system to your entryway will add functionality. Consider using furniture that doubles as a shoe caddy, such as a bench. Organising your entryway with the right storage solutions (such as wall hooks, lockers, and cubbies) will make it feel more welcoming and organised.

With lighting, you can make any space stand out

Smart designs can ease eye-intensive tasks and energise or soothe a space with beautiful light fixtures. The key to effectively lighting a room is to create layers of light using task lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting. It is easy to boost a room’s sophistication with an interesting pendant, sconce, or chandelier. Besides making a statement, the industrial fixture provides a targeted light source for the table.

Clutter-free closets

Closet storage isn’t one-size-fits-all. Don’t rush off to the store for new closet organisers without measuring your closet space, listing what’s being stored, and considering your present and future lifestyles. After you know precisely what should go in there, head to the store and maximise your closet space. Make your space more functional by removing clutter.

Filter the sink

Your sink or countertop won’t be cluttered with a messy undersink filter. Even better, you don’t need to hire a professional to install a water filter. To ensure your water filter system can fit under the sink, make sure the space is large enough.


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