Overview of is a dynamic online platform designed to enhance the learning experience by transforming presentations into interactive and engaging lessons. By integrating with popular presentation tools such as Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint, Join PD enables educators to create interactive content that actively involves students, promoting a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Purpose and Benefits of using

The primary purpose of is to foster active learning and student engagement during lessons and presentations. By incorporating interactive elements, educators can better gauge student comprehension, encourage participation, and create a more inclusive learning environment. Some key benefits of using include:

  1. Seamless integration with Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint
  2. A variety of interactive content types, such as multiple-choice questions, text responses, and draggable items
  3. Real-time student response collection and analysis, allowing for instant feedback and targeted instruction
  4. Accessibility across multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers
  5. Customizable templates and themes to create visually appealing and engaging presentations

How to Join

1. Accessing the website

To begin using, visit the platform’s official website at

2. Registration process

  • Personal Information

On the homepage, click the “Get Started” button, which will redirect you to the registration page. You can sign up using your Google or Microsoft account, or by providing your name, email address, and a password for your account.

  • Account Creation

After selecting your preferred sign-up method and providing the necessary information, click the “Sign Up” button. This will initiate the process of creating your account.

  • Email Verification

If you signed up using your email address, you will receive an email from asking you to verify your email. Click on the verification link provided in the email to confirm your account. Once your email address is verified, your account will be fully activated, and you can start using

3. Logging in to your account

To log in to your account, visit the website’s homepage and click on the “Log In” button located in the top-right corner. If you signed up using your Google or Microsoft account, click on the corresponding button to log in. If you signed up using your email address, enter your email and password, then click on the “Log In” button to access your account and begin using

How to Use

1. Navigating the dashboard

Once logged in, you will be directed to your dashboard. Here, you can view your existing presentations, create new ones, and access various settings and features. Familiarize yourself with the dashboard layout and available tools to make the most of your experience.

2. Creating a Join PD presentation

  • Integrating with Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint

Join PD integrates seamlessly with Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. To create a Join PD presentation, start by opening your preferred presentation software and installing the Join PD add-on or extension. This will enable you to access Join PD features directly within your presentation software.

  • Adding interactive elements

With the Join PD add-on or extension installed, you can easily add interactive elements to your presentation, such as multiple-choice questions, text responses, draggable items, and drawing activities. Select the desired slide, then use the Join PD sidebar to choose and customize the interactive content.

  • Customizing your presentation

You can further customize your Join PD presentation by adjusting the slide layout, design, and other visual elements. Join PD also offers a variety of templates and themes to help you create engaging and visually appealing presentations.

3. Presenting with

  • Launching the presentation

When you’re ready to present, open your Join PD presentation in your preferred presentation software and click the “Start Lesson” button in the Join PD sidebar. This will launch the interactive presentation and generate a Join Code for your students.

  1. Engaging with the audience

During your presentation, encourage students to participate by responding to interactive content using their devices. Monitor student responses in real-time to gauge understanding, clarify misconceptions, and facilitate class discussions.

  • Managing student responses and interactions

As students engage with the interactive content, you can manage their responses using Join PD’s Teacher Dashboard. This allows you to view individual responses, control the pace of the presentation, and highlight or anonymize student answers for class discussions.

4. Saving and reviewing presentations

Once your presentation is complete, you can save it to your account for future use. You can also review student responses and participation data to assess comprehension and inform future instruction.

How to Get a Join Code

1. Creating a Join Code for your presentation

  • Launching the presentation

To create a Join Code for your presentation, click the “Start Lesson” button in the Join PD sidebar while your presentation is open in your preferred presentation software.

  • Generating the Join Code

Once the presentation is launched, a unique Join Code will be automatically generated, which your students will use to access the interactive presentation.

2. Sharing your Join Code with students

  • Distributing the code via email or messaging apps

You can share your Join Code with students by sending it through email or messaging apps, such as Google Classroom. Simply copy the code and include it in your invitation or reminder messages.

  • Displaying the code on the presentation screen

When you start presenting, the Join Code will be displayed on the screen by default. Students can then enter this code on the homepage to access your interactive presentation.

3. Joining a presentation using a Join Code

  • Inputting the code on the homepage

Students can join your presentation by visiting the homepage and entering the Join Code in the “Enter Join Code” field.

  • Accessing the presentation as a student

After entering the Join Code, students will be taken directly to your presentation. They can then interact with the content, respond to questions, and participate in class discussions in real-time.

Tips and Best Practices for Using

1. Preparing your presentation

Before starting your interactive lesson, ensure that your presentation is well-structured and contains a mix of content types, such as informative slides, interactive activities, and opportunities for discussion. Design your slides to be visually appealing and clear, using consistent fonts, colors, and imagery.

2. Encouraging student interaction

To foster engagement, create a supportive environment where students feel comfortable participating. Clearly explain how to use and encourage students to ask questions or seek clarification if needed. Use a variety of interactive elements to cater to different learning styles and preferences.

3. Monitoring and managing student responses

Keep an eye on student responses throughout the presentation using the Teacher Dashboard. Address any misconceptions or common mistakes by providing additional explanation or examples. Highlight exemplary responses to encourage further discussion and reinforce learning.

4. Troubleshooting common issues

If students or teachers encounter technical difficulties, such as issues with logging in or accessing the presentation, consult’s support resources for guidance. Encourage students to refresh their browsers or try a different device if they experience connectivity problems.

Conclusion offers numerous benefits for educators and students alike, including seamless integration with popular presentation software, a wide range of interactive content, real-time response monitoring, and accessibility across multiple devices. By utilizing Join PD, educators can create engaging and interactive presentations that foster active learning and promote student comprehension.

With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, is a valuable tool for educators seeking to enhance their lessons and better engage their students. We encourage you to explore, experiment with its interactive features, and incorporate it into your teaching repertoire for more engaging and interactive presentations.


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