CBD Cartridge for Optimal Use

Vaping is on the rise, with more and more users trying this easy and convenient form of intaking CBD. Indeed, vaping technology has changed CBD consumption forever by giving people a pocket-friendly and mess-free method for taking a shot of CBD on the go. Thus, the market is awash with various vaping devices, like vaping pens and cartridges, allowing users with any CBD dosing needs to have their CBD with them.

But are CBD carts that easy to use, and how long do CBD carts last? In fact, they can serve you for years hassle-free, but if you want to prolong the life of your device and enjoy a high-quality vaping experience for a long time, you should arrange proper storage and maintenance conditions for it. Here is a complete overview of storage and maintenance tips for your CBD isolate carts, plus a short Q&A section with frequently asked questions about this CBD product.

What Are CBD Carts?

In a nutshell, a CBD cartridge is a device that delivers CBD to your lungs via its vaporization. This method is safer than smoking weed because no substance gets burned, so you’re not exposed to combustion smoke, tars, and carcinogens in the process. The CBD-enriched liquid inserted in the cartridge gets heated to the degree at which it turns into vapor, and every time you inhale, the CBD smoke gets directly to your lungs, where it’s absorbed quickly and at a high degree.

Vaping cartridges can be disposable (meant for one-time use) and rechargeable (these have a rechargeable battery and refillable vessel for the CBD liquid). Thus, depending on your budget and CBD use expectations, you may choose a product to your liking. If you’re new to vaping and still unsure whether you’ll like it, it’s better to buy a cheap disposable vape cart for the first time to try it. Rechargeable vape carts are a much better option if you want a durable, esthetically appealing device.

How to Store Your CBD Cartridge?

The first thing you should remember about CBD carts is that they contain perishable CBD liquid. It means that the CBD extract infused into the CBD juice or liquid may get spoilt if stored in the wrong conditions. The basic rules for safe storage are:

  1. No direct sunlight. If you leave the CBD or THC cart on the windowsill, don’t expect to enjoy the health benefits of cannabinoids the next day. They get ruined by ultraviolet light, so only storage in a dark place, without direct exposure to sunlight, can ensure that the CBD/THC juice in the cart remains as potent as you want it to be. 
  2. No heat. CBD is well-maintained under room temperature, and its exposure to heat can ruin the chemical composition of CBD concentrate. Thus, you should start worrying if your CBD juice gets darker or loses its typical color after sustained time in a warm place.
  3. Tolerance to cold. CBD juice is okay with colder temperatures, but it doesn’t mean that you should place your cart into a fridge. If you do, the water may condense inside the cart and impair its functioning.
  4. Safety from falls and breaks. Needless to say, it’s safe to use a CBD cart only if it’s intact and not broken. Don’t try to vape a cart that fell and cracked; it’s too dangerous to use a non-sealed cart because of the high risk of a battery explosion.
  5. Safety from children. Finally, a note of caution: if you have children in the house, make sure to place your CBD cart out of their reach. Vaping devices are too easy to use, so there’s always a danger of accidental use of CBD by minors.

Maintenance of a CBD Cart

Maintenance becomes your regular responsibility if you use a rechargeable vaping cart. Ensure that the contact points on your battery and cart are clean to get the best vaporizing performance. It’s also important to store the vaping cart you aren’t using at the moment in the upright position. Otherwise, it may leak and create a mess.


Are CBD carts allowed on planes?

Yes, CBD carts are allowed on planes if placed in carry-on luggage. You also need to double-check the permissible limits of CBD content in the container for carrying on board the place. Finally, review the laws of the destination country, as you may face legal trouble if CBD is banned in the place of your arrival.

Is traveling with CBD carts safe?

Yes, traveling with CBD cartridges is generally safe and legal unless you’re crossing the borders of territories where it is banned. Thus, it is always recommended to check your route and ensure that you don’t get to the territories where CBD can cause legal trouble, even as transit points.

Where can I buy CBD carts?

One of the ways is to google “CBD vape carts near me” and visit a local dispensary to seek advice. A consultant will give you a broad range of options depending on your dosing, CBD type, and flavor preferences. You can also go to https://askgrowers.com/cbd/cbd-vaping/cbd-cartridges to find a list of top reputable brands and products, picking the one that speaks to you.

Does CBD carts get you high?

Here the question relates to choosing CBD carte vs. THC carts. If you go for a regular CBD cartridge, you won’t get high in any situation, even if you take a puff every other minute. Obviously, CBD can also be overdosed, and some users report a feeling of dizziness or nausea if they consume too much. Yet, it is not a high in the traditional sense of this word. You can get high only when buying a CBD+THC cartridge (or THC-only cart). In this case, you will experience the cerebral high and body stone traditionally associated with consuming marijuana.

Denys Svirepchuk, a full-time AskGrowers author, wrote this article to share his knowledge about CBD cartridge maintenance with users. Denys is a cannabis tech geek on the lookout for new ways of safe and beneficial CBD consumption, ready to share his insights and findings with the CBD enthusiast community.


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