How to Watch the Chosen Season 3

Explore the captivating tale of a captivating fisherman ensnared in a labyrinth of financial woes, alongside a deeply troubled woman grappling with profound personal demons. Engage with the narrative of an exceptionally talented publican, alienated both by his own kin and his community. Immerse yourself in the journey of a spiritual guide as he wrestles with the profound depths of his faith. Embark on an enlightening expedition as we unveil the remarkable perspective of individuals who encountered the enigmatic figure of Jesus Christ. The Choosen season 3 premiere date was December 10th, 2022 by Angel Studios network.

About The Chosen

A multi-season television drama series called “The Chosen” centres on the lives of Jesus Christ and his disciples. American director, writer, and co-creator Dallas Jenkins was responsible for its creation. By examining the lives and backgrounds of the disciples and the influence Jesus had on them, the series strives to portray the story of Jesus in a novel and compelling manner.

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Chosen Season 3 Cast and Crew

Actual NameFilm Name
Erick AvariNicodemusActor
Shahar IsaacSimon PeterActor
Noah JamesAndrewActor
Paras PatelMatthewActor
Jonathan RoumieJesusActor
Nick ShakoourZebedeeActor
Lara SilvaEdenActress
Elizabeth TabishMary MagdaleneActress
George H. XanthisJohnActor

The Chosen Season 3 Episode

EpisodeEpisode DateVideo Link
Episode 1 “Homecoming”December 10th, 2022Watch Episode 1 The Chosen Season 3
Episode 2 “Two by Two”December 17th, 2022Watch Episode 2 The Chosen Season 3
Episode 3 “Physician, Heal Yourself”December 24th, 2022Watch Episode 3 The Chosen Season 3
Episode 4 “Clean Pt. 1”December 31st, 2022Watch Episode 4 The Chosen Season 3
Episode 5 “Clean Pt. 2”January 7th, 2022Watch Episode 5 The Chosen Season 3
Episode 6 “Intensity in Tent City”January 14th, 2022Watch Episode 6 The Chosen Season 3
Episode 7 “Ears to Hear”February 4th, 2022Watch Episode 7 The Chosen Season 3
Episode 8 “Sustenance”February 6th, 2022Watch Episode 8 The Chosen Season 3

The Chosen Season 3 Trailer


Is The Chosen Season 3 available in the app?

Yes, it is available in the app and some paid website also providing services, Like as,

How to Watch the Chosen Season 3?

Yes, you can now watch The Chosen Season 3 online for free at It is the best website to watch The Chosen, where all episodes are available in HD Quality.


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