No wonder, lab-grown diamonds have gardened a lot of attention and it seems that people are loving them. Lab-created diamonds have all the hype apart from the positives and negatives it carries. Whether or not to buy a lab-grown diamond is a matter of choice for people. To get in-depth idea click

However, many people would love to know the differences between a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond. Of course, there are differences between them and that might help people decide better when it comes to buying them, especially for their engagement rings. to learn more visit

This post covers crucial factors that differentiate lab-grown diamonds from natural diamonds so that buyers can make an informed decision. Besides, Rare Carat is the best place to get started for people interested in loose diamonds. With plenty of variants, there is always something for everyone. Read on to find out more about it.

Lab-grown diamonds vs. natural diamonds: The differences

Lab-grown diamonds are created artificially instead of mining from the earth. This is what differentiates them from natural diamonds. Lab-created diamonds feel and look like real diamonds. Besides, they are available in different sizes and shapes. Moreover, lab-grown diamonds have similar chemical properties to natural ones.

Despite the similarities, there is a great difference in price, resale value, and overall popularity of lab diamonds compared to natural diamonds. Lab diamonds are created in sophisticated labs within weeks. Whereas, natural diamonds occur in nature due to intense pressure and heat for billions of years.

As said, there is almost no difference between lab and natural diamonds. The best part is that even an experienced gemologist needs to use dedicated equipment to differentiate between the two types. The best way to know the difference is to check the certification of the diamonds. Paying attention to the information when buying diamonds will impact the price and its value.

However, the CTTW is another term commonly seen when buying lab-created diamonds. But it doesn’t always mean the measure of diamonds in terms of pricing. Two rings with diamonds may have identical CTTW numbers but the price may differ. So, the 1 CTTW meaning for diamonds may not be the same for each piece.

A lab-grown diamond is an ethical purchase

No wonder, some people may have humanitarian and environmental concerns about natural diamonds in terms of the mining process. Although natural diamonds aren’t necessarily unethical, lab diamonds offer more than those mined from the earth. Gemstones are some of the most highly valuable materials in the world.

The main question is this: how much is too much? People should be happy with the purchase of lab-grown diamonds, but they should be mindful of the ethical aspects of the purchase. In simple words, this is a buying decision: “Is this good for the environment or not?” Yes, it is. It is a more ethical purchase than buying a natural stone.

Which diamond to buy

To begin with, diamonds shouldn’t be seen as an investment. However, there should be a sense in buying a piece of it keeping in mind its value that it would retain over the years to come. People who prioritize value may choose natural diamonds.

Couples with a tight budget may find a beautiful ring that would otherwise have been out of their reach in terms of pricing and can go with a lab-grown diamond. However, keep an eye on the 4Cs of the diamond for that ultimate experience.

Shop for the best lab-grown diamonds

Lab-created diamonds offer the same sparkle, brilliance, and shine as a mined diamond. Lab diamonds are the best option for people who are looking for a cut piece of diamond that looks like a natural diamond but with a lower price tag. Rare Carat offers a variety of high-quality lab diamonds at reasonable prices.

With reputed diamond vendors, finding the right diamond is not difficult at all. Apart from that, users can avail of the best deals in terms of discounts or limited offers. There could be free items on purchases above $2000 or a 20% discount on certain purchases. Navigating the items to find the desired product is straightforward.

Apart from that, Rare Carat comes with affordable diamonds certified by the GIA as well. Moreover, the 4.9-Star rating of Rare Carat on TrustPilot and Google Business Profile shows that they are appreciated by people. Visit Rare Carat and get astounding pieces of diamonds at affordable prices.


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