Path of Exile has been available for years, so it shouldn’t be surprising that many people are still installing it for the first time. PoEtrade Currency is valued since the game is regularly one of the best top-down hack-and-slash action RPGs operating today.

Exclusion in Class

Nonetheless, before listing the game’s prerequisites, a little introduction. We’ve previously discussed the genre, so let’s move on to the backstory and classes. In Path of Exile, players assume the role of the game’s eponymous exile, as suggested by the title. Charged with a crime deserving of such a punishment, they have been exiled to Wraeclast, a dangerous and enigmatic island teeming with black magic and the resulting horrors.

These exiles represent the classes of the game, and each of them has unique abilities, play styles, and builds. These classes eventually gain access to three Ascendancies. Players will be required to choose one which will define the class’s subsequent specialization. For the benefit of newbie players, below is a brief overview of the classes and their ascendancies.

Marauder: the melee frontline who can deal and absorb equal amounts of damage; branches into the melee-focused Berserker, totem-focused Chieftain, and defensive Juggernaut.

As time goes on, this nimble melee fighter becomes the tank and support Champion, the balanced Gladiator, and the deadly Champion.

Ranger: while a mostly ranged exile and will strengthen its competence in ranged attacks with Deadeye, she can also be a Pathfinder, whose focus is on survival and utility, and a Raider, who deals a great lot of physical damage while also possessing great speed and evasion.

Shadow is a sneaky and cunning character whose Ascendancies vary in how they deal with death. The Assassin depends on critical hits and quick assaults, while the Saboteur and Trickster rely on traps and poison, respectively.

Templar:By harmonizing intellect, body, and soul, the Templar can transform into the steadfast bulwark Guardian, the enlightened Hierophant, and the relentless Inquisitor.

Scion is a class that is not bound to a specific archetype, allowing players to develop her as they see fit. As an Ascendant, she gains access to additional construction possibilities.

Mad with Abilities

Path of Exile is also distinguished by the fact that active skills are not tied to a certain class but instead come in the form of gems that are socketed into equipment. This permits all classes to utilise any skill, assuming they match the prerequisites.

All classes have the same passive skill tree; however, their beginning points vary. The nodes close to the starting point augment the archetypal features of that class, but as the player progresses, he or she will branch out into additional traits, allowing the class to become more specialised.

This specific combination enables players to construct any imaginable deck. Not all builds are excellent, but those that manage to stand out are widely sought after and gain popularity. In fact, one of the reasons Path of Exile is so popular is that it encourages building theorycrafting.

The absence of a numbered currency also distinguishes PoE Money and Specifics Path of Exile. Orbs serve as a substitute for POE Currency in trades between players and non-player characters. In addition to being rarity indicators, they have their own effects when applied to items. Some enhance rarity, some alter modifier values, and others, like the Exalted Orb, create a new modifier.

Having said that, these are the prerequisites for Path of Exile:

  • CPU: x86-compatible 2.6 GHz or better.
  • RAM: 4 GB. HDD: 32 GB available space.
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti or ATI Radeon HD 7850 or better.
  • OS: Windows 7 or 8.
  • DirectX: Version 11. Screen Resolution: 720p.
  • Network: Broadband connection.

Since the introduction of Path of Exile, PC gaming has evolved significantly, so prospective gamers should have no issue running the game on their systems. And there is no better moment to join the game than now, as the most recent expansion, Expedition, is fixing its flaws and getting better by the day, and Path of Exile 2 is still a year away.

Similar to what has been stated, the issue is no longer whether one’s hardware is capable of running Path of Exile but if one can manage the game’s unique character customization, dark lore, and difficult content. If the response is affirmative, it is time for exile.


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