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What is pediatrics?

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), defines pediatrics as “a specialty of medical science concerned in children’s mental, physical, and social well-being from birth through young adulthood.”

Pediatric care covers a wide range of health services, from preventive care to the treatment and diagnosis of chronic and acute diseases. Pediatrics deals with the biological, social and environmental influences of the child’s development and the effects of disease and dysfunction on that development.

Pediatricians are trained to treat a variety of conditions and procedures. Pediatrics is a high-volume specialty. Pediatricians see 30-40 patients daily during flu season. Pediatrics billing errors can be costly, as the profits margins are very thin.

A reputable pediatric medical billing company can assist a pediatrician in submitting error-free claims and maintaining cash flow.

Time spent

Pediatricians spend a lot of time with patients and their families. Documentation is crucial if time is a consideration in the management and evaluation. Documentation is key to making the most of time when determining the appropriate E/M code. The pediatrician should record all time components as well as the summary of items discussed during the visit. If the documentation is solid, reimbursement can be guaranteed.

Special Billing Requirements

Pediatrics has its own billing requirements. Administration of vaccines is a critical part of pediatric care. A practice could lose a lot of money if vaccines aren’t billed, or billed but not followed up on. It is crucial that all rules and regulations of the payer are adhered to.

Instructions for staff on payor rules

Coders who are not familiar with the changes to billing rules are often guilty of making errors. Staff education is a key component of any billing company to ensure that claims are passed the first time.

Not Billing

It is possible for physicians to bill for specialty services (orthopedics), like the treatment of a Nursemaid’s Elbow. A service like the removal of a foreign organ can also be charged. These services may be charged at a higher price. These services can be used to increase the practice’s collections.

As it can be stressful to deal with children, pediatric practice can be difficult. Front-end staff must deal with many patients and their families. To maintain financial health, back-office staff must ensure proper medical coding and billing.

What can Medcare MSO do for you?

Medcare MSO can take care of all your pediatrics billing. Our knowledgeable and experienced billers will make sure there are no billing or coding mistakes.

Since more than 15 years, we have been providing healthcare professionals with services. The company is managed by professionals with decades of industry experience. Billers and coders have a lot of experience and are constantly learning as the industry changes.

Medcare MSO has invested heavily in human resources, software and hardware to provide superior medical services. Our goal is to ensure that all claims are successfully resolved and cash flows continue uninterrupted.


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