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This involve coming up with screens, buttons, toggles, icons, and other visual elements that users will interact with when using theapp and the dashboard. UX refers to the entire interaction users have with a product, including how they feel about the interaction. This stage involves developers wearing the shoes of a user who is not tech savvy. The design should have an easy flow and order that will make usability easy.

Stages of Development UI/UX Designs

We (Glitex Solutions Limited – Mobile App Developers in Kenya) develop the visual representation before the real development work begins.

In this stage will involve our clients so much even than in other stage.

Front End Development

After getting the design that is user friend in UI/UX stage our front-end developers now actualize the real user interfaces.

Back End Development

Back end is the invisible part of the system. It is the brain of any system. Our backend developers build code that allows a database and an application to communicate with one another. This is the most crucial part of any system. It handles logic and algorithms.

Testing & Deployment

After development, we test the system for with our clients and any fault found is rectified during this stage. After ensuring that the system is working as intended, the system is rolled out for end users to start using it.

Why should you work with a reliable mobile application development company?

Mobile app definitely started as a basic idea. The first thing that youshould do is to research the existing app ecosystem to identify whether somebody else has already implemented your idea. Glitex Solutions Limited help you in researching and advising you accordingly.

Testing before rolling out

Mobile application should be tested as early as the design stage. Your first version of the application should be released to a limited audience. The limited audience test the application and give feedback and raise. The feedback from the limited audience helps the developers to streamline some few issues that may not be clear.  This feedback also helps in guiding the final stages of development as it allows developers to make tweaks to the final design.  During this stage, Bugs are detected and fixed early on, rather than later.

When your application is ready for testing, developers break up the process into discrete tasks. For instance you might have a team that just tests the graphics rendering on every page of the interface, another team testing the way the app updates or pulls data.

Roll Out

The way the mobile application s rolled out can be as much of a factor in determining whether your mobile application will be successful or not. Most apps have a lot of downloadsduring the early stages of their rollout, followed by a gradual tailing off of purchases. A strategy should be made on how to maintain usability of the application.

Maintaining your Mobile App

It is one of the best feelings to launch your mobile application to a receptive public. Unfortunately, this is not the end.  This is actually just the beginning. After your mobile application is launched, reviews start streaming in, it is worth your while to pay attention to criticism and make adjustments as the end users propose. You must treat the end users as positive resource for further development of your mobile application’s future versions. Remember you must budget what you must to provide the best customer experience, this is because the public perception of your product can determine its sucess.

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