Statusbrew vs eClincher

One of the most effective strategies to market your material and attract a large number of readers is through social media. But, as we all know, being active on prominent social media networks to promote your business and content, as well as connect with your fans and followers on a daily basis, requires a significant amount of time. 

Given that more than half of the world’s population uses social media, businesses are focusing their efforts largely on social media tactics in order to get their products and services recognised.

So you can focus on generating excellent content, social media management tools allow you to automate, analyse, better control, and delve deeper into your social media accounts. These applications can publish the same changes across all of your social media accounts, help you plan future updates, and discover the most relevant and effective information to share at the most opportune times.

To link all of the social media networks, we chose to compare the leading social media management applications Statusbrew and eClincher.

What is Statusbrew, exactly?

StatusBrew is another social media management application that allows you to schedule and organise your social media postings, saving you from having to continuously post and share updates. It’s a comprehensive social media management solution that guarantees that an organization’s social ties with its consumers are maintained.

With Statusbrew’s entire suite of social media management tools, you can take full control of all your channels on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. To engage and cultivate connections with the individuals that matter the most, plan the full social publishing process and acquire social intelligence. From a single location, Statusbrew enables you to offer all of the most up-to-date information and respond to client inquiries at the optimal moment.

What Can StatusBrew Be Used For? 

Let’s look at this tool more closely to understand what it’s all about:-

Unified Brand Engagement Creates Real Connections

Astound your audience by responding to each inquiry quickly. Bring all of your social media accounts’ talks about your business into one email. It’s simple to get to the bottom of your email. Improve your response time by collaborating with your team and responding swiftly to each chat. Make your audience brand advocates and brand loyalists.

Social Media Publishing Tool That Is Quick, Effective, And On-Time

Give your staff the most powerful publishing tools so they can reach more people with less work. From a single integrated publishing perspective, you can do a lot more on social. Increase your visibility, save time and work by centralising all of your publishing activities and ensuring that your content plan is carried out efficiently.

With social listening, you may reach out to a new audience

Tune in on social media conversations about your product, brand, or any other issue in your business. Engage with new audiences by looking outside your feed. Reach out to your target market and generate revenue. Find out what others are saying about your goods, brand, or industry and join in the conversation. Keep up with current events and identify new target markets.

Social Media Analytics & Reporting Across the Board

Recognize the effect of all of your social media activities. Know how your audience reacts to your brand material, from the large picture to a single piece. Improve your strategies. Genuine Insights Stay ahead of the competition with comprehensive insights into every nook and cranny of your social scene with 80+ Social Media Metrics.

Win at social media by working together with your team

With your team, manage social media content, interaction, marketing, and reporting. At every encounter, handle the scale and deliver a positive client experience. Work together on a whole new level and experience team collaboration and processes like you’ve never seen before.

What does it cost to have StatusBrew?

Statusbrew’s plans are divided into three categories: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. If invoiced yearly, the basic plan costs $129 per month, and if billed monthly, it costs $179 per month. It’s ideal for marketing and support teams who want to improve their automation and analytics.

If invoiced yearly, the premium plan costs $229 per month, and if billed monthly, it costs $299 per month. It’s ideal for expanding companies that need to cooperate and streamline processes.

The enterprise package includes customised pricing based on your requirements. It’s excellent for businesses that want more security, support, and integrations.

What is eClincher, exactly?

One of the most powerful social media management tools available is eClincher. It has several unique capabilities that no other platform has, all for a low fee. It also provides so many functions all at once that it effectively eliminates the need to utilise 4-6 other programmes to manage your social network.

You may use eClincher to do a variety of tasks, including social media marketing, social media interaction and customer care, social monitoring, and automatically scheduling and publishing your posts.

What Can eClincher Be Used For? 

Automated Social Media Posting

eClincher is a fantastic application for scheduling your social network updates automatically. It works with all of the main social media platforms. It allows you to recycle your material by allowing you to plan a list of articles to be published every hour, every day, every week, or at any intervals or periods you choose.

Automation of social media engagement

In this regard, eClincher is quite strong, since it provides a number of features that other social network management systems do not. Without having to spend hours signing in and out of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, their unified social inbox allows you to reply to every tweet, DM, remark, LIKE, and share from the inbox tab, from one interface. It’s really effective; customers have saved an average of 15 hours per week.

Quickly Identify Your Target Audience

eClincher offers two fantastic features that assist you in locating your target audience. The monitoring keywords and hashtags discovery tool, for example, lets you to enter any term and locate everyone who has tweeted or posted about that phrase.

The second tool is the Influencer Tool, which assists you in locating Influencers in your sector. After you’ve discovered the Influencer, you can add them to the RSS integration to have all of their content automatically posted on your channels, communicate with them, or connect through all their followers.

Inbox for Social Media (Unified)

With only one login, you can engage with every consumer. Instead than logging into each social media channel separately, respond to every tweet, like, remark, share, and DM from the eClincher platform.

Integration with RSS feeds

You can actually take your blog and use eClincher’s platform to automatically upload all of your material. You may also have a look at your favourite company’s blog and share all of their content on social media.

What does it cost to have an eClincher?

The basic subscription, which includes unlimited posts, 15 profiles, and all advanced features, is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It costs around $59 per month, and if you pay for it yearly, you may save up to 15%.

The premium subscription, which includes unlimited postings, 50 profiles, all advanced features, and team members, is ideal for someone who runs many enterprises. It costs around $119 each month, and if you pay for it yearly, you may save up to 15%.

The agency super plan lets you manage 10 or more brands, 1000 profiles, unlimited posts, and up to 5 team members. It costs around $219 per month, and if you pay for it yearly, you may save up to 15%.

Final Verdict

Although Statusbrew is a strong social media suite that helps you manage your social accounts efficiently to accomplish desired development, the main drawback is that it is quite expensive when compared to eClincher, which provides almost the same services at a much lower cost.

One of the most useful aspects of Statusbrew is that it allows you to keep track of all of your discussions in one location and work effectively with your team. It provides powerful tools for monitoring all social media accounts’ interactions and insights. These same characteristics are covered by eClincher with the same integration; the difference is in the pricing, which, as previously noted, is relatively inexpensive compared to Statusbrew.

Now it’s up to you to decide how much money to spend and which tool is ideal for you.


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