Cushion Cut Diamonds

Antique jewelry will always have its charm and there are few diamonds more captivating than the romantic cushion cut. Customers that shop at Rare Carat may wonder why these vintage stones are more appealing than the modern alternative. Whether they prefer the classics or want to go for ethical lab diamonds, it is easy to buy online.

The Appeal Of Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds

There are so many different cuts of diamonds right now that consumers are spoilt for choice. One of the most popular contemporary options right now is the strong square princess cut. However, some feel that there is no beating the classic cushion cut with its softer look and shine from its well-crafted facets.

The Difference Between Antique And Modern Cushion Cut Diamonds

The cushion cut hasn’t changed a lot over the decades. The main features of the soft corners and strong brilliance are still in place. There is also still the same number of facets at 58. One noticeable difference, however, is that the shape has altered in its culet and crown. The culet is much more visible on the older models, and there is a steeper crown. Another factor that affects the geometry and shine of these stones is that the handcrafted facets are larger and more irregular. This adds to the appeal for collectors as no two stones are 100% identical.

Setting Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds In Contemporary Rings

One way to enjoy these antique stones is through vintage jewelry passed down through the generations. This can allow for some interesting old-fashioned settings and precious metals that may not be so fashionable today. These pieces have added romance with the idea that they may have celebrated engagements or anniversaries in the past. However, there are also loose antique stones out there that consumers can buy online and set into contemporary rings. This helps blend that classic look with something more trendy or comfortable.

Pairing Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds With Modern Stones

Another way to get the best out of antique diamonds with this cushion cut is to pair a genuine antique stone with some modern alternatives. Cushion-cut stones are perfect as center stones with other shapes and colors around the outside. This could be a pair of smaller stones on either side, a halo setting, or maybe a sparkly pave setting. Another option is a ring of near-colorless round diamonds against the antique faint yellow diamond.

Finding Ethical Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds Vs Ethical Modern Lab-Grown Diamonds

One of the potential downsides of looking for antique cushion cut gems is that these vintage gems are mined stones. For some, this isn’t a problem, as this can add value and intrigue to a stone, especially if dealers can trace the origin back to a specific mine. However, there are ethical considerations because of the damage caused by diamond mining and the risk of conflict diamonds.

This is why so many consumers that shop at Rare Carat are keen to find contemporary lab-grown cushion cut diamonds instead. These stones are much more socially responsible as they are synthetically created in labs to replicate real diamonds.

But how are lab grown diamonds graded to compare them with mined cushion cut diamonds? Well, they are judged on the exact same standards of cut, color, clarity, and carat as mined diamonds. This makes them the perfect substitute when antique stones are either too questionable or unaffordable.

Shop At Rare Carat For Cushion Cut Diamonds To Suit All Preferences

Whether collectors want to find antique cushion cut stones, additional stones to go with an antique stone, or a modern lab grown cushion cut diamond, Rare Carat is the place to go. It is really easy to buy diamonds by cut on this online marketplace. After picking lab or mined diamonds and choosing cushion cut stones, buyers can then determine the ideal color, clarity, carat, and more to suit their needs. The marketplace has a strong 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot for its customer service and the quality of its goods. This makes it perfect for sourcing those extra stones or finding something a little more unusual. Cushion-cut diamonds have a timeless quality that will endure whether buyers seek out antique stones or opt for modern lab-grown diamonds. Those that want either authentic vintage stones or modern designs can’t go wrong


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