There is nothing quite like the unique creation of a diamond. To the average person, diamonds are virtually impossible to distinguish between each other. The beauty of a 1-carat diamond makes a woman feel special, it’s symbolic. These precious gemstones represent love, pride, and admiration. The more the diamond glows and sparkles, the more cherished they are by the vast majority of women.

For hundreds if not thousands of years, diamonds have stolen the heart of every generation. Worn by queens, kings, royals, and aristocrats. They have retained their high value since ancient times. Simple yet luxurious, each with its own unique glamour and individuality that instantly brings about a glorious transformation. The impact they have can last for generations, not to mention diamonds have some of the most eye-catching scintillations anyone can ever experience.

These are not mere words of fancy, these are how women feel. The diamonds stand as a symbol of transformation, bringing together not two people together but a legacy of love and admiration that due to ages past, their love for one another will never die out and will only grow and be passed down through their future generations. The beauty of 1-carat diamond lies in its individuality and unique characteristics.

Ct Natural vs Lab Diamonds

Even if all diamonds hold a special allure that captivates the hearts of romantics, not all diamonds are created equally especially in terms of carats. Even with the pioneering innovation of lab diamonds, natural diamonds are still just as incredible as ever. Now, there are a number of factors that differentiates these two types and to be clear, lab diamonds are actual diamonds. Just created in a controlled environment instead of deep beneath the earth.

4 Key Differences Between 1 CT Natural vs Lab Diamonds

1) Diamond Origins

  • Natural Diamonds: created deep beneath the Earth under extreme temperatures and pressures for millions if not billions of years. Large-carat natural diamonds are very rare and very expensive.
  • Lab Diamonds: created in a controlled environment using very advanced technological methods such as CVD or HPHT for replicating a natural diamond’s extreme growing conditions. Not only more affordable but a Rare Carat 2ct diamond can only take 18 days to 10 weeks to create.

2) Carat Sizes

  • Natural Diamonds: the size of a natural diamond’s carat will vary greatly. The bigger the carat, the rarer it becomes. The more valuable it is.
  • Lab Diamonds: due to being cultivated in a laboratory, lab diamonds are more accessible offering a wider range of diamond sizes such as a Rare Carat 1ct diamond that can take only 10 days to 6 weeks to make.

3) Diamond Clarity and Quality

  • Natural Diamonds: contains natural imperfections and inclusions with traces of nitrogen and/or boron and varying levels of fluorescence that ultimately form a truly unique diamond.
  • Lab Diamonds: exhibit higher clarity as they are grown in a laboratory where its controlled environment creates fewer imperfections due to lab diamonds having less or no fluorescence.

Note: both types of diamond possess the same physical properties (refractive index, dispersion, hardness, etc) and chemical composition (carbon atoms, etc).

 4) Environmental and Societal Impact

  • Natural Diamonds: natural diamonds involve deep mining that greatly impacts the environment, habitat or ecosystem destruction, and carbon emission, not to mention some natural diamonds that may have been produced through conflicts or “blood diamonds.”
  • Lab Diamonds: ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, conflict-free, guilt-free, much more affordable, and more options.

Ultimately, it comes down to simple facts. Rarity vs value. The allure behind natural diamonds is their rarity, the bigger the diamond is. The longer it would have taken to naturally create, bringing along with it unique imperfections, unique fluorescence, and its own unique story. Though “imperfect” natural diamonds are true, one-of-a-kind. A prestigious prize, full of individuality and natural beauty.

Lab diamonds are more available, they come in a number of different sizes, shapes, and more. But because they are created in a laboratory, they are more readily available, making them much more affordable often saving the consumer over 63% to 83% of their money. Seeing a 5ct diamond made from a lab is not uncommon nor other many different styles and sizes they come in.

Both types of diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from one another. Both diamonds maintain the same clarity with consistent quality. The biggest advantage that lab diamonds have over natural diamonds are their affordability and ethical consideration while natural diamonds regardless of their high price, are for those who value rarity and prestige. Nothing can ever take away the unique individuality of a natural diamond.

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