Benefits of Choosing an Oval Cut Diamond

Do you have a girlfriend that has her heart set on an oval shaped diamond ring? If so, you are in luck! The oval cut diamond is quickly becoming the most sought after shape for engagement rings and wedding bands. To get an in-depth idea about oval diamonds click

Benefits of Choosing an Oval Cut Diamond

The Oval Shape is Elegant

People like to call the oval cut diamonds the “fashion” shape because they are considered to be one of the more elegant shapes available when it comes to jewelry. They are often compared to emerald cut diamonds because they have the same shape, but oval cut diamonds don’t always get the same respect that emeralds do. This is because emeralds are considered to be rare and therefore, more expensive.

An Oval Cut Diamond Can be Used in Both Solitaire Rings

Oval shaped diamonds can wear two hats as far as jewelry is concerned. They can be beautiful stand-alone stones like a solitaire engagement ring, or they can be designed into a ring that is part of a wedding band. It all depends on the type of setting that you buy.

The Oval Shape is Flexible in Its Settings

You can use an oval shaped diamond ring in almost any type of setting. It’s most popular in 14k white, rose or yellow gold and platinum, but they also look great when they are set with high quality gemstones. Many jewelers prefer to utilize the oval cut diamond because they are able to fit so many different colors of diamonds into one setting.

An Oval Cut Diamond Won’t Change its Shape

Have you ever heard the term “proportional cut?” Well, oval diamonds are classified as that because they are evenly proportioned. This means that they will not change their shape over time. The oval cut is also ideal for people who want to purchase something that will last a long time but won’t have to have it replaced if the diamond is reshaped or repaired.

Finger-flattering appearance

The oval shape of the diamond can catch the attention of onlookers, which will make your diamond more romantic to wear. In addition, the oval cut makes a nearly invisible indent in the centre of the ring. This is exactly what you want when purchasing an engagement ring (or any wedding band). You would not want your diamond to be so big that it draws attention away from other features of your ring.

They have an Increased Perceived Size

Many people think that the oval cut diamond is going to look smaller on its ring. This is because of its shape. In reality, it is the same size as a round diamond but will have an increased perceived size without being too big for the finger on which it sits.

Ideal for Engagement Rings

Engagement rings for women are becoming more and more popular. According to different surveys, the oval cut is one of the top two most popular shapes. This is because a lot of women like an engagement ring that has a “diamond” look. It is not uncommon today to see diamond earrings and even diamond-studded clothing.

The Oval Shape Has Longer Clarity and Cut Grades

Diamond clarity and cut are extremely important when you are purchasing a diamond. Because of its unique shape, an oval cut diamond can be given higher clarity and cut grades than round diamonds without looking fake. So if you are seeking a high quality diamond, the oval or emerald cuts may be for you. Of course, there will always be people who prefer round diamonds over oval or emerald cuts because it is more traditional.

The Oval Shape Can Be Easily Scratched

One reason why oval cut diamonds are appealing is that they look a little more delicate than standard round or emerald cut diamonds. This makes them the ideal choice for ladies who want to wear their engagement ring on their fingers and not feel self-conscious about scratches. You can also wear it with a sports watch, which can be easily damaged by scratches too.For more detail click

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