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Finding the right diamond is not easy, especially if you are looking for an engagement ring. Besides the clarity, carat weight and color, the thing that matters most is cut. Want to get your hands on a classic, elegant yet unique cut? Well, then you have to take a look at the marquise cut. You can find lab created marquise loose diamonds at Rare Carat which is one of the best marketplaces for diamonds. Nowadays, lab created diamonds or manmade diamonds tend to get more popularity over natural diamonds due to many reasons. Read on to know more details about lab diamonds as well as the details about marquise cut.

Learn about Lab Created Diamonds

The diamonds created in the lab are the ones that are not naturally derived from mines. Instead, they are grown using specialized methods and several modern equipments in laboratories. But these diamonds that are grown in laboratories are also real diamonds. In fact, even a gemologist cannot differentiate between naturally mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. This is because they have the same physical, chemical as well as optical features like that as natural diamonds.

In fact, lab diamonds are created by carbon. So, when you consider the 4Cs of the diamonds – cut, clarity, color and carat weight, you can do the same for the lab diamonds. The only difference that you can enjoy is the price difference between natural and manmade diamonds. While the former one is very expensive, you buy the latter at only one-third the price. Moreover, lab created diamonds are more eco-friendly in nature because they have very little to zero impact on our environment.

The best place to shop for the lab created diamonds is Rare Carat. Checkhere

Know More About

Everyone talks about elegance and classic marquise cut. Though this is quite an uncommon cut, it is loved by everyone around the world. One of the best online stores to shop for marquise cut diamonds is Rare Carat. It has a huge collection of different types of diamonds from various reliable and experienced diamond dealers and sellers around the world. Besides the collection, the best features of this website are:

  • Free advice from gemologist
  • Get price and quality comparisons
  • Free insured shipping
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Best deals on diamonds
  • Different cuts, clarity, color and shape available
  • Best-in-class lab-created diamonds

Shopping from Rare Carat can be a smooth experience for you. It has the best reviews from the customers and everyone is highly satisfied with the services they offer. You can shop for the marquise loose lab created diamonds from J

Find Marquise Cut Diamond Deals 

No matter how reasonable the prices of lab created heart shape diamonds are, getting the best discounts is always welcomed. So, you can enjoy some great discounts through the best deals at Want to avail the best deals? Here are some steps that you must follow:

  1. First of all, you have to visit Rare Carat’s website which is
  2. Now, you need to sign up there and as a new member you can get some promotional offers too
  3. After that, you have to select the preferred filters for displaying the best diamond options for you
  4. Here, you get to choose the cut as well as clarity along with color, shape and carat weight etc. for your diamond
  5. Now, you will see ?? Deal Vault option below
  6. You need to switch it on so that the website can showcase the most amazing deals on diamonds for you

Shop Now

Are you looking for the best diamonds for your engagement ring? You can shop for the best marquise loose diamonds created in laboratories from Rare Carat. They have the most stunning deals out there along with some promotional offers for new users too. So, do not wait for it anymore and grab your engagement ring today! Go to their website and start shopping. They offer the best in the class collection from loose diamonds to diamond engagement rings too.  Start to shop today!


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