The diamond trade is subject to very strict protocols that are related to carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. Similarly, the pricing of diamonds is not done at whim, but rather, it follows a very strict process. This article is going to explore the technology behind the precise diamond pricing tools. To get an in-depth idea visit https://www.rarecarat.com/diamonds.

When it comes to the market prices of diamonds and the diamond pricing tools, the bottom line is that the diamond prices will be based on the 4Cs (color, clarity, cut, and the carat weight). Of course, other factors may play a role, such as the piece of diamond being one of a kind.

However, the 4Cs are just the starting point of the pricing of diamonds. Reputable companies dealing with diamonds carry out bench-marking in order to have a high-quality pricing methodology. For example, some diamond dealers rely on the Rapaport List for the latest diamond pricing tools.

Thus, the final pricing model of diamonds will be based on other factors beyond the 4Cs. These include fluorescence, brightness, and the extent of blemishes in the diamonds. If a diamond has an inclusion that is obvious and clearly visible to the naked eye, then such a diamond will not be expensive. But if a diamond is almost flawless, then such a diamond is going to fetch a high price. The pricing will also depend on quality factors such as the diamond being vs2 vs vs1.

Lab grown diamonds follow the same process as the pricing of natural diamonds. However, it is estimated that a lab-grown diamond will cost the consumer 30 to 40 % of a natural diamond. Another thing to note is that, unlike the natural world, the concept of exact weight is not difficult to achieve in lab grown diamonds, and this affects the prices.

The production of large diamonds is more common in the lab than in the natural world. This is because the modern technology in diamond processing is advanced. Therefore, individuals who are looking for a large diamond at an affordable price should consider the lab grown diamonds because there are more options to choose from.

A critical component of the diamond, for both the natural diamonds and the lab-grown ones, is the certificate of the diamond. What the certificate does is to give evidence of the features, attributes, and characteristics of the diamond. Because a certificate means the details contained therein are true, then it can be used in the pricing of diamonds.

In the future market of diamonds, consumers will expect a higher level of precision. The good thing is that over time, technology tends to become better and cheaper, and it is hoped that the diamond industry will benefit from better pricing tools.

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