What to do when the kid in you craves some great cartoon movie but can find where to watch it? Internet is overstuffed with unlimited options for whatever you search. Each time we search for an awesome anime movie, we often don’t get the desired search results each time we try. But most times, it seems like there’s a witch’s spell or God knows what when we search for a particular thing that seem to be non-existent.

Well, it is all part of life, don’t be sad. We’ve got you covered today. If you like to watch cartoons online, you must be aware of as it is one of the most searched sites for anime fans. However, there are some other unique sites available to calm down your inner kid. This article will explore some of the best watch cartoons online for free websites.

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Watch Cartoon Online App

If you are new to exploring the watch cartoon online apk, it is an app that allows users to watch live streaming of cartoons. It is an app that you can install on your android device and enjoy live streaming. This app was developed by and an android version of it. You can use it on a laptop or android as per mood and convenience. The platform offers several cartoon series online.

So, if you want to follow a series in the anime genre, watchcartoononlineAPK should be your ideal pick. The app is filled with various genres of anime movies; however, the idea mainly revolves around action and romance. To enjoy the thrill and go beyond imagination, do check it out.

Best Watch Cartoon Online Alternatives

We truly understand that if you take an anime series as serious as taking a drug, just one media or platform cannot satisfy you. That’s why we have come up with the best watchcartoononline alternatives where you get more options to dive in. We will discuss those websites that offer free cartoons online and don’t have to buy a subscription.

Of course, the idea won’t win when you have to pay for a ten-plus websites’ subscription. Also, we do not recommend purchasing a premium subscription until you have tested something already. There are so many watchcartoononline alternatives available online. However, we will only discuss those worth watching and are free to watch. So, here we have the other options mentioned below:

  • Kiss Cartoon

The first pick for you guys is kisscartoon nz. Search it on google, and you will come across the official website. The best part of kiss cartoon is that they do not have a premium version which means the content you watch is all premium. They do not charge any subscription fee, and no need to fill in annoying surveys. It seldom happens when the website doesn’t stream, and in those cases, use proxy and search for kisscartoon websites unblocked and tadaa! You’re good to go.

  • Kiss Anime

KissAnime is the second option you can consider for watching free cartoons. Here, the language is Spanish so, good for you if you know Spanish. However, you can still watch cartoons online dubbed in English. The site doesn’t charge any subscription and is free to watch. It can be the right option if you’re into action and romance genres.

  • 9Anime

Here we have the third one, and you can consider watching 9Anime. It is also one of the best watchcartoononline website’s alternatives. The website is free to watch, and here again, they do not have any premium subscription they offer. You can enjoy HD quality animated series free of cost on this site. You can stream online 9 Anime series on a laptop or android as per your choice.

  • Kim Cartoon

Already discussed a bunch of thrill, action and romance animes; let’s change the pace now. How about something light and refreshing? Let’s talk about the Kimcartoon website, where you find comedy, drama and adventure related cartoons. Kimcartoon seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 have captured enough of the audience online. The website can be the right pick if you want to watch something light with a touch of humour.

  • My Cartoon

Last but not least website we would highly recommend is mycartoononline. It can be a perfect alternative to the thewatchcartoononline app, where you can stream HD cartoons free. My cartoon is safe to browse, and you do not need any proxy to watch their shows.

Also, you can stream the series on a computer or your mobile phone as per mood. The website streams pretty smoothly whether you stream on laptops or cell phones.

What are the Best Working Proxy/Mirror?

Whether it’s a watchcartoononline website, some other free cartoon site, or whatever we surf or browse online, we must keep in mind that, despite their convenience, free-running sites come with a list of security and privacy hazards. Many streaming sites have been created by people who can steal your personal and financial information. A VPN is the most straightforward way to check this. VPN software protects users from cyberattacks through tracking by masking your location and browsing history. For best working proxies you want to consider can be all or any of the above we’ve mentioned here.


Are you looking for Watch Cartoon Online alternatives to watch free cartoons?

The reason you’re here is pretty apparent that you are a fan of the watchcartoononline website and looking for other alternatives. The answer is quite clear that there are various options you can find over the internet; however, what matters is whether they are worth watching or not? So, for you, we have done the job and picked up a few of the unique platforms of watchcartoononline alternatives.

Is safe?

Yes, safe. But it is one of the crucial questions whether it is safe to surf watchcartoononlinetv or not? The honest answer here is, we never know what can come next. However, so far, no suspicious act has been noticed in the past, but even when watching cartoon online, we recommend keeping your information safe and surfing through a VPN.

Thewatchcartoon and other alternative sites are NOT legal at all. While there may be no legal consequences for watching free anime on such sites, it is still illegal. Most anime websites are hosted in places where the legal system is skewed.

Is there an App for WatchCartoonOnline?

Yes, you can install thewatchcartoononline APK on your android phone for watching anime shows. It’s an APK for Android that allows you to stream anime on your phone or tablet. Hundreds of cartoons are available to choose from.

Can We Use a VPN for the website?

As mentioned earlier, even though the sites are readily available to surf online, still due to legal issues, they’re not safe to surf. If you want to stream watchcartoononlinetv or other alternative sites, we recommend using a VPN. VPN will allow you to keep your information secure and free you from future issues.

As far as the legal alternative is concerned, one thing assures whether the site is legal or not, and that’s the copyrights section. So far, we cannot be sure if thewatchcartoonsonline. tv or other similar websites are legal or not when it comes to following anime series. However, you can browse to the bottom of the page and check if there’s “Copyrights reserved” mentioned or not.



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