CRM and CDP are both terms used to describe tools that can help you grow your business. They both have their own purpose, but when used together, they can be a powerful combination for success in any industry. This blog post will explain what exactly CRM vs CDP is, how they work together, and some examples of companies that use this strategy successfully.

What is CRM software?

Customer relationship management software (CRM) is a system for managing customer relationships. It helps companies track and manage customer data, understand their customers better, increase sales and customer loyalty, and improve customer service and support. CRM systems help companies identify their best customers, what services they use most often, and why they choose these services over others. 

This information can then be used to tailor marketing strategies accordingly in order to attract more potential buyers while also improving knowledge about existing ones so that each client receives the best possible experience when dealing with an organization’s products or services.

What is a CDP?

A customer data platform (CDP) is a software solution aggregating data from multiple sources, including web and mobile channels, ecommerce platforms and marketing automation systems. CDPs are often used to create customer profiles which can then be used in creating customer segments or predictive models.

How Do They Differ?

CRM and CDP are two different tools that provide similar functionalities but with a different focuses. CRM is for sales and marketing teams to manage their contacts, leads, accounts and opportunities. CDP is a tool for data management teams to manage customer information on multiple channels, such as website visits, emails sent, social media activity etc.

As per Adobe Real-Time CDP experts, “The major difference b/w CDPs and CRMs is that CDPs give a big picture of how all consumers and platforms interact with your brand, while CRMs note those interactions between a particular account and your brand.”

How They Differ, and Why You Need Both

CRM is a customer relationship management software, while CDP is a customer data platform. They both serve similar purposes, but they differ in how they are used and who uses them.

CRM is primarily used by sales and marketing teams to keep track of their contacts and customers. These tools make it easy for salespeople to see what each customer needs when they reach out to them, which allows them to better tailor their pitches (and hopefully close more deals). In addition, CDPs are designed for use by data scientists who want access to all sorts of information about individual consumers that can be used for analysis or predictive modeling with machine learning algorithms.

CRM is an essential component of a company’s marketing strategy, but more is needed to get the job done on its own. It would help if you had CDP in order to know what your customers want. And if you have neither, then you won’t be able to provide customers with a user experience using your products or services.


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